The Power of SEO

Are you the in the same position as a lot of business owners out there, where you’ve heard of SEO, know it’s something you need, have no idea how you’re going to get your head around it AND… seriously don’t have the time?

At Social Gopher, we specialise in creating online content for your blog/website/business which is delivered back to you fully optimised, so you don’t need to worry about any of it πŸ™Œ. But, if you do want to know what the actual deal is, read below.

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SEO is an acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO, basically means that the content that you write for your website/blog is written in a manner to ensure that when published to the world wide web, that it receives a good position on Google’s search pages (page 1 please 🀞).

This optimisation is done by using an often changing formula to match Googles search delivery algorithm (certain combinations of words delivered a certain number of times per blog or website article = better page ranking / time).

Delivering content optimised for optimum effect requires an understanding of Google Adwords (we have that ☝️link is up there ^). However, once that is achieved (way too much info for a blog – click here to learn more) you can use every blog post you write online as a marketing space for your business. Imagine tens to… hundreds of blog posts on your website all waving their arms about to tell people all about your business for you! That’s the power of SEO!!

Send us an email to get a quote for your online business space (we’d love to help you)! Otherwise, you better get learning! (good luck)

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