Influencers for Business

Yes, before you ask, you should definitely consider using an influencer (if not several) to grow your online business. “Influencers” are exactly what they allude to be, they are social media users (whether it be Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.) that have a larger than usual following (that more than likely hang on their every word/photo/video).

Think, high school. Remember the popular kid, the one that always had a million friends in every grade? The girl/boy who wore the nicest clothes, had the newest tech gadgets, was always smiling and got good grades? You remember that kid right? There was always one (or 5).

Now, despite not wanting to admit it, remember how much you secretly wished you could be that kid? How you wished that your life could be just as perfect; how you wanted to wear what he/she was wearing and look just as great; wanted to eat/drink what he/she was eating because it always seemed to look way better than your Vegemite sandwich?

Today’s “influencers” are the internets’ answer to the old-skool popular kid. They’re the Mummy bloggers who don’t seem to wake up with drool on their tops, the uni students who somehow have enough money to go to Bali every weekend and the gym junkies who bearly break a sweat whilst wearing the most attractive activewear you’ve ever seen.

These social media users are the users that you need representing your brand. They are the users who will entice your next gelato, nail polish, face cleanser or {insert your product here} sale. And this, ladies and gentleman is the wonderful world of influencer (and micro-influencer) marketing for business!

At Social Gopher we have access to a wide range of Brisbane based influencers who can help sell your products to brand spanking new audiences! Get in touch today to find out how!

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