What is a digital strategy?

Seems like the online buzzwords are ever-growing, and “digital strategy” is the new term that everyone is throwing about. But, what exactly does it mean?

Like any strategy, a digital strategy is a form of strategic management designed to get the best out of your digital spaces. …. Huh?

Basically, in English (or whatever language you might have translated this into) what it means is, ‘a structured set of moves that you / your marketing team decide to make in order to get the best out of your website, blog and social media channels etc.’.

A digital strategy takes into account algorithms and the ever-changing digital landscape, to ensure that you are engaging, growing and reaching as many people as you are able to. It considers response times/needs, content types, post timing/quantity, language tones, platform seeding, link use, tagging, hashtag use, copy length and so much more!

A digital strategy is vital to ensuring you stay on top of the game; otherwise, like many a company that can’t keep up, you’ll be left behind!

At Social Gopher, we take a great deal of time (but not too long) researching, analysing, testing and understanding a business, its space and its competitors before delivering a top-end digital strategy to set you on the right track.

If this sounds like something which is up your alley (it should be) then get in touch today to discuss in more detail.

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