Facebook for Business

Are people still even using Facebook?

The answer to that question is a BIG GIANT YES! In November 2018, Hootsuite reported that 2.23 billion people across the world still logged into the platform every single month. As well as that tiny figure, in 2018 “Facebook” was yet again Google’s most used search term (Google had over 1.2 trillion searches last year).

So, if 2.23 billion people are using Facebook every 30 days, then you can bet at least one (if not all) of your competitors are too! That’s one massive slice of pie you’re starving your business of if you don’t think you need to keep marketing in the same space.

But, how is Facebook for business any different to the everyday scrolling you do whilst waiting in queues? The answer is ‘vastly!’. Facebook for business allows in-the-know marketers to tap into some of the most profound, in-depth customer targeting available… ever!

For example:
Imagine you own a servo, and you’ve noticed that the vast majority of your clientele are over the age of 65, drive a Mazda, use a Visa card, have a spouse, 3 children, a cat and live within a 20km radius of your shop (just to be specific). Well, I kid you not, with Facebook advertising, you can target your Sunday Kit Kat specials right to their very fingertips!

Sound exciting? But like a whole load of work that you just don’t have time for? Or perhaps you have an in-house marketing team that does it for you, but are they doing it right? What do your quarterly social reports look like? Are you getting any? Do you even know why you need them?

At Social Gopher we specialise in all the fiddly bits that you just don’t have time to think about!

We can be your personal gopher for a completely hands-free approach to your entire digital marketing strategy. Or, if that’s not what you’re looking for, we also provide 1:1/group training sessions and in-depth documented solutions to put you on the right track!

Every business is different, therefore so is every solution – get in touch today to discuss your unique company needs!

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