Hands-free Social Media Management

Business marketing is no longer just about paying for 30-second radio advertisements or picking the next location for an exorbitantly expensive billboard; in 2019 getting as many people as you can to see that your business exists and what you specialise in has very much become about having a good, preferably a great digital marketing strategy. But, what on earth is a digital marketing strategy?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Linkedin and blogging are a few buzzwords that you now need to not only know but also understand. Social media marketing is time-consuming, technical and downright important for every business looking for growth – just because your kids are constantly posting to Snapchat or your neighbour’s daughter has a strange obsession with Instagram; doesn’t mean that social media for businesses is child’s play.

We know that not all small or even large businesses have the knowledge, experience or personnel to be actively involved in deploying a social media strategy to increase brand presence and generate sales – which is why, we are here and willing to be your personal gopher!

Social Gopher is an experienced, savvy, trustworthy company that offers a hands-free approach to your online marketing presence. From managing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and/or blogs; down to engaging customer service, sales leads, market research and in-depth reporting, we offer it all!

Get in touch today to find out how we can create a tailor-made approach perfect for your business!